Brockham Angling Society have a number of swims along the River Mole from The Orchard to the Sewage Works, plus Coach Road Pond (12 swims) as indicated on the maps below see “Join” for Application Forms and Fees.

The Pond is open all year (subject to change).

Don’t be put off by our “associate member” on duty at the pond!

His main task is to keep off Heron & Cormorant. The gun is unloaded!


Juniors can fish The Orchard and the Triangle as marked on the map.

Juniors can only fish the pond when accompanied at all times in the same swim by a Parent, Grandparent or Guardian who must also be a member of the club.

Juniors may fish the pond alone when over 14 years of age.

A Junior becomes a senior member if they are 18 before the 1st of June.


General rules:

No night fishing – River and Pond
No keep nets – Pond
Barbless hooks only – Pond
No ground bait – Pond
One rod only – Pond
No day tickets – All Brockham Angling Society waters
River closed 15th March to 15th June inclusive


Pond Map showing recommended parking

Pond Location Map

Pond Map

River Map showing recommended parking in blue and in green, the route to Harefield. Do NOT climb over the gate near the Borough Bridge.

River Location Map

River Map