Brockham Angling Society (BAS) has been in existence for over fifty years.

It was formed by local anglers to encourage local residents, young and old, to enjoy and participate in this popular pastime. Angling contributes to the environment in more ways than most people would imagine.

Anglers have a key role in protecting and maintaining the quality of our lakes and rivers. Without their interest and vigilance many incidents of pollution might go unreported or unnoticed. Anglers are convinced that the healthy existence of rivers and lakes, as wildlife havens, rests in the hands of those who visit regularly. They are crucial in spotting the first signs of pollution and other forms of environmental damage and in ensuring that Environment Agency staff are alerted.

There’s┬áno better time to start along the path to an exciting, healthy and enjoyable new pastime. Why not join your small and friendly local club by using the link above?

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